Libertarian Vindicator Endorsement: Joshua Smith for LNC Chair

The 2018 race for chairman of the Libertarian national committee has been particularly contentious. Mudslinging, dirty-politicking, and false allegations have surrounded this race. The two old political parties apparently don't hold exclusive rights to these type of intraparty races. With many candidates once declared, it seems to have come down to just two candidates, incumbent... Continue Reading →

Larry Sharpe holds GOP candidate’s feet to fire over gun rights, pick for Lieutenant Governor

NEW YORK, New York, May 24, 2018 – New York Gubernatorial candidate Larry Sharpe (L), has challenged GOP candidate Marc Molinaro regarding his pick for Lieutenant Governor, Julie Killian, and her positions on gun control. As seen in her debate barely one month ago with then Senate Candidate Shelley Meyer, Killian vowed not to repeal... Continue Reading →

Exclusive Interview with CEO Bill Ottman

-When was created?   "Minds was founded in 2011."  -What inspired you to create this style of social media format?  "The goal of Minds has always been to bring a free, open source and sustainable social network to the world. When we started Minds in my basement in 2011, we were disillusioned by user... Continue Reading →

Libertarian Party State Senator Moves onto General Election After Primary

  Nebraska State Senator Laura Ebke moved onto the general election last night after finishing second in Nebraska's top-two primary for the 32nd district. Governor Pete Ricketts hand-picked candidate Al Riskowski finished in third place and will not be moving on to the general election in November. Senator Ebke who was initially elected as Republican back in 2014 switched... Continue Reading →

Joshua Smith Responds to Recent Allegations

(The following article is a press release by Joshua Smith in response to recent allegations)  

Exclusive Interview With Iowa Gubernatorial Candidate Marco Battaglia

- The Libertarian party of Iowa obtained ballot access after the 2016 election, has this changed the number of candidates willing to run for office on the Libertarian Party line? "The interest was certainly increased but the number of people that filed the required petitions and paperwork with the Secretary of State was fewer. This... Continue Reading →

Exclusive Interview with Nickolas Wildstar Libertarian Candidate For Governor of California

- California has a newly implemented top-two primary system, what are your thoughts on this system? "I think the ‘Top 2’ primary rule is just another way for the 2 major parties to monopolize the voting process in the state and definitely should be repealed immediately. Between filing fees and promotional costs, running a campaign... Continue Reading →

Ron Paul Responds to Libertarian Convention Speaking Controversy

Ron Paul has officially responded to Libertarian Party National Convention controversy. Dr. Paul is a lifetime member of the Libertarian Party who paid for his membership with a gold coin. In the video below he asks "do I get my gold coin back?" While there are many contradicting reports pertaining to this issue, with both sides claiming... Continue Reading →

Studies Show Psilocybin Reduces Violent Crime, Theft, Anxiety, and Depression

According to three separate studies, psilocybins medicinal and social value is extraordinary. The first study comes from the researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The research collected showed people that have taken psychedelics were 27% less likely to commit theft and 18% less likely to have committed a violent crime. The authors wrote, “These findings are... Continue Reading →

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