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Robert J. Bentley

Robert is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs with a B.A. in Political Science (Emphasis American Politics & Public Law) and Colorado State University-Pueblo with an M.A. in American History. In college, Robert was an active member of the Republican Party serving as the chairman of the College Republicans & interning for Colorado’s U.S. Senator. He became active in the Libertarian movement with the 2008 campaign of Ron Paul. Since then he has started this venture to educate the public about Libertarianism and volunteers his time to the Libertarian Party of Colorado and the National Party. He is passionate about our country’s future, a loving husband, and a proud father.

Parler Back Online

Parler Back Online With New Hosting Service

Parler Back Online With New Hosting Service The conservative social media alternative to Twitter, Parler, is back online after being out for over a month. From Fox Business: After more than a month offline, the social media platform Parler relaunched using a new web hosting service, the company announced on Monday.  Parler, […]

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62% Say Third Party is Needed. Highest Mark To Date

Support for Third U.S. Political Party at High Point You hear it every election cycle. America needs more choices for President, Senate, Congress, Governor, etc. However, a third party has yet to gain traction in American politics since before the Civil War because of the money grab that […]

Mises Caucus

Is The Mises Caucus Taking Over The Libertarian Party?

Over the past four years, there has been a growing movement within the Libertarian Party. Started by the Mises Caucus there has been exponential growth in membership and people joining the cause. The LP Mises Caucus claims “Through the insights gained from the Austrian school of economics, principled […]

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The Republican Party is Dying from the Era of Trumpism

The Republican Party is Dying from the Age of Trumpism Saturday the United States Senate voted 57-43 to acquit former President Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial. 7 Republican senators joined the Democrats to vote for conviction in a sign that the Republican Party is splintering following […]

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