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Manuel García Gojon

A Single Person May Change The Result of The Election

At the moment it seems highly likely that the amount of Electors assigned to Biden will be 270, as he wins Nevada, and Trump wins Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina. Assuming such is the result, this does not warranty Biden the presidency, as 202 of those 270 can […]

On Institutional Anarchy

It is at this time commonly thought that a circumstance of anarchy would necessarily imply a power vacuum which would necessarily bring about a worse tyranny than any civilized state is capable of. Such supposition is wrong.

In Memoriam: Don Eugenio Garza Sada

Just a few days ago, a public servant of the Mexican government characterized as “brave” the people involved in the assassination of Don Eugenio which resulted from a kidnaping attempt. At the time, the Mexican business community speculated that the pseudo-socialist president was responsible.


Dear Businessperson, I hope this message finds you well and in good health. I write to you on this occasion with the purpose of trying to help you make sense of what is going on in the world at present. In the past few months you may have […]

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