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New Hampshire Libertarians Hold Tax Day Protest

The Libertarian Party of the Seacoast New Hampshire gathered in Market Square of Portsmouth, New Hampshire to protest “the federal government’s unconstitutional taxation of the hard-earned income of individuals.” The group wielded signs with such phrases as “Taxes = Theft”, “Forced taxation is wage slavery”, and “Taxes are […]

Joe Paschal Issues Apology To Joshua Smith

In response to the recent allegations between Joshua Smith and Tinisha Paschal, former Vice Chairman candidate and Montana Libertarian Joe Paschal’s wife, Mr. Paschal released this statement: “Tinisha and I have spoken with Joshua Smith about this whole mess and we have taken care of the matter among us as […]

Austin Petersen: The Clear Choice for Missouri Farmers

Public Domain Image I am often told that I shouldn’t chime in on subjects based on my lack of experience in said subject. Make’s sense; when one hasn’t had the first-hand experience in a given area of expertise, their ability to contribute meaningful data is compromised. So then […]

The Kokesh/Owens Feud Explained

In a video released last night on Facebook, 2020 Libertarian Party presidential hopeful Adam Kokesh explained how his former campaign manager Angela Fisher Owens was “stealing from the campaign and stealing from donors, specifically in the form of recurring donations that went to her personal account that she […]

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