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LP Socialist Caucus Member Starts Initiative To Recruit Sex Worker Candidates

“My goal is to normalize sex work and sew workers within the Libertarian Party. Ideally, enough sex workers will take up positions and leadership and responsibility that sex work decriminalization will be a major and consistent message for the party, just as cannabis legalization used to be,” stated […]

Majority Of Non-Voters Want Third Party According To Poll

According to a USA Today and Suffolk University poll two-thirds of Americans will not vote in November because [the] system […] is beyond reform and repair.” Only 22% of respondents stated that the major parties are doing good. A majority of the non-voting respondents stated that they would […]

LP Concedes Ballot Access In Alabama

As the 2018 election gets underway, many state affiliates of the Libertarian Party are diligently gathering signatures to place their candidates on their state’s ballot and potentially secure ballot access for the future. Ballot access gained now can ensure that less resources have to be dedicated in 2020 […]

Kanye creates Leftist-meltdown by Tweeting of Love: The Jackson Reaction

Isn’t it funny how an ideological class (the American Left) can espouse the virtues of consent when it suits them, but the second it works against the victim-vote agenda – that stance dries up like Rosie O’Donnell’s twat at a salad bar? Well, I think it is funny. […]

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