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Constitutional Similarities

Constitutional Similarities from the 18th Century and Today

Constitutional Similarities from the 18th Century and Today As a student of early American History, I see issues plaguing our current political system that is similar to the issues that perplexed our Federalist and Anti-Federalist founders in the late 1700s. While the Federalists favored a more powerful centralized […]

South Carolina Town PRIVATIZES a local park upgrade? A Libertarian win!

By: C.J. Westfall of (South Carolina) For many of us 2020 was a year many would like to forget. Between a major pandemic and a National election cycle that seemed to dominate headlines all year, one local bright spot was buried in the fray despite deserving more celebration. […]

Lauren Boebert Lacks the Conscience of a Conservative

Ronald Reagan used to say, “I didn’t leave my party. My party left me.” While he was explaining his shift from midwestern Democrat to western Republican, his sentiment also describes the situation for many these days who find themselves conservative but not Republican. It’s a particularly apt distinction […]

Why the Real Villain of 2020 Was Big Government

The disaster that was 2020 is finally over. Now it’s time for the inevitable post-mortems. First and foremost, the COVID-19 pandemic posed enormous challenges to American institutions, and continues to do so. Frankly, we were not prepared. We need to diagnose what went wrong, so that we are […]

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