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John David Egan

born in nyc, living in peekskill, ny now. published " fun city " 2015 1952 publishing. oral story teller, blogger, libertarian, a yankee fan, and a drummer. I've done podcasts in the past and am thinking of doing another one. tyrants beware.

Give us your guns.

The first stages of gun confiscation are beginning in the Hudson Valley here in the Empire State. Peekskill, NY where I make my home is offering an opportunity for gun owners to hand in their guns at the local police department. It is being done very quietly and […]

Kanye West

Kanye West is my man. I know nothing of his music, politics, lifestyle nor religion. Whether he’s a good guy or not. It makes no never mind to me. Anyone who can explode heads on both the left and right at the same time is doing something positive. […]

Volunteer for the state.

Has anyone noticed the increase in volunteerism, subsidized and promoted by the municipal government? Facebook announcements about getting a cleanup team to pick up litter from certain sections of the city? Local cable channels filming eager residents doing their part? It’s here, and despite the claims of civic […]