Is The Mises Caucus Taking Over The Libertarian Party?

Over the past four years, there has been a growing movement within the Libertarian Party. Started by the Mises Caucus there has been exponential growth in membership and people joining the cause.

The LP Mises Caucus claims “Through the insights gained from the Austrian school of economics, principled candidates, and an emphasis on political decentralization, the LPMC is radical yet realistic. We focus on local candidates, issue coalitions and party activism to build from the ground up.”

Check out a recent episode on their YouTube Channel where they discuss the hot topic of the takeover

“Oh No! The Mises Caucus is taking over! They must be stopped!”. The topic of the takeover has become a hot button issue both in an out of the Mises Caucus. Whats it all about? Why are so many people entering the party off of that message? Is it the best idea to message this way? Talk about it with us with Michael Heise, Dave Smith and Caryn Ann Harlos

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    • Neither. They’ve been talking smack about “taking over” the party since 2018, and aren’t any closer to doing so now than they were then. But if they did, their rhetoric indicates that the big change would be to change the Libertarian Party’s national “messaging” from libertarian stuff to Mencius Moldbug neo-reactionary weirdness.

    • Yes, that’s exactly what it means. The Mises Caucus was formed in opposition to the nomination of Bill Weld, and we estimate we’re somewhere between 30-40% of the party (and growing quickly!) after being formed only four years ago. I can guarantee that the 2024 ticket will be a ticket libertarians can support proudly, instead of begrudgingly or reluctantly. The naysayers in the comments are the types who have been running the party into the ground for the past several years.

  1. I have been a Libertarian for 43 years. If they take over, I am out. My life’s work destroyed. The Mises Caucus is not libertarian. They are a cultural movement in search of a home. Find your own.

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