Is The Mises Caucus Taking Over The Libertarian Party?

Over the past four years, there has been a growing movement within the Libertarian Party. Started by the Mises Caucus there has been exponential growth in membership and people joining the cause.

The LP Mises Caucus claims “Through the insights gained from the Austrian school of economics, principled candidates, and an emphasis on political decentralization, the LPMC is radical yet realistic. We focus on local candidates, issue coalitions and party activism to build from the ground up.”

Check out a recent episode on their YouTube Channel where they discuss the hot topic of the takeover

“Oh No! The Mises Caucus is taking over! They must be stopped!”. The topic of the takeover has become a hot button issue both in an out of the Mises Caucus. Whats it all about? Why are so many people entering the party off of that message? Is it the best idea to message this way? Talk about it with us with Michael Heise, Dave Smith and Caryn Ann Harlos

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    • Neither. They’ve been talking smack about “taking over” the party since 2018, and aren’t any closer to doing so now than they were then. But if they did, their rhetoric indicates that the big change would be to change the Libertarian Party’s national “messaging” from libertarian stuff to Mencius Moldbug neo-reactionary weirdness.

    • Yes, that’s exactly what it means. The Mises Caucus was formed in opposition to the nomination of Bill Weld, and we estimate we’re somewhere between 30-40% of the party (and growing quickly!) after being formed only four years ago. I can guarantee that the 2024 ticket will be a ticket libertarians can support proudly, instead of begrudgingly or reluctantly. The naysayers in the comments are the types who have been running the party into the ground for the past several years.

  1. I have been a Libertarian for 43 years. If they take over, I am out. My life’s work destroyed. The Mises Caucus is not libertarian. They are a cultural movement in search of a home. Find your own.

  2. I was an enthusiastic LP member during the Harry Browne period. I stopped paying dues when it became clear the LP as a organization was impotent on a real world basis. Dave Smith is so correct – we have a set of political ideas that weave into a political philosophy that FORCES any clear thinking person to realize liberty is what has created the vast majority of human progress. We are $30T in debt and will be at $35 b/4 the next presidential election. Like all empires in history, we have way overextended via the hubris of politicians and the deep state (that showed who’s really the boss with the Syria bombing last week). So when I discover the podcast of Dave the nazi Jew and he explains passionately and correctly that the country is on a suicide mission and we must to whatever we can to try to stop it. And the current LP has done NOTHING to stop it.

    From a comfortable retirement after 35 years of professional success, I have decided to volunteer as a foot solder to this effort – the LP can remain a joke with ZERO real world impact or we can try to join and help it try to lead society towards the idea of being a normal country and not have a government that is a killing machine (they kill their actual subjects as well as those worthless brown people 8 time zones away the killers love to drone – after all if we don’t periodically use these weapons then how do we keep the munitions factories humming – really good for the next election cycle).


    • I knew Harry Browne. Harry Browne was a friend of mine. And Dave Smith is no Harry Browne.

      Listen to Smith’s podcast from the other day with LNC Secretary Caryn Ann Harlos. The Mises Caucus’s “takeover” campaign claims to be all about changing the party’s “messaging.” And that podcast makes it clear that the “messaging” strategy they have in mind is to turn the party into the organizational equivalent of that autistic woman repeatedly screaming “no!” at Trump’s inauguration.

  3. No sir – we love what Harry Browne wrote and said while leading the ticket and beyond. He got few votes.
    We now live under authoritarian fascism. You might be OK with that but we are going to fight to the last enemy of the state to restore the bill of rights and end the killing machine (aka the empire and all its armed thugs). If you do not wish to join the fight for your rights vs govt oppression that’s fine but you gain nothing but a life in chains if we fail so at least stop opposing us when we are fighting for YOU and your family’s freedom

    • No, I’m not OK with living under authoritarian fascism. And I’ve been in the fight for more than a quarter century. If I have to fight the state AND the Mises Caucus for my freedom, I’ll do that too.

  4. Funny how the pro-Mises people won’t leave their names. It sounds good when they talk about really getting the message out there. But then part of the message is – get rid of the abortion platform (i.e., invite evangelical abortion prohibitionists in); male dominated family units; authoritarian leadership that doesn’t allow discussion or dissent; rapey takeover of state parties (as Heise makes clear with his “give them the dick” comments); refusal to question Jeff Deists’ assertions that only radical decentralization by ethnic and racial and religious tribes can bring liberty – you know “blood and soil” and all that. They are motivated by the successes of Ron Paul, but keep forgetting he was running in the GOP as a GOP congressman and that’s one reason the media actually took him seriously. But he’s been a lot more clear and outspoken on most libertarian issues than the last few years of LP leadership, for sure.

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