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Majority of Americans say Trump should be convicted, barred from holding federal office

Trump impeachment trial

The former President Trump impeachment trial is set to begin this week for the second time. While many in Washington are debating the constitutionality of impeaching a former President it seems that the American people are ready to see Trump held responsible for his actions and barred from ever holding a federal office again.

From ABC News:

With his impeachment trial set to begin this week, a narrow majority of Americans say they support the Senate convicting former President Donald Trump and barring him from holding federal office again, according to a new ABC News/Ipsos poll released Sunday.

Compared to public attitudes in the early days of his first impeachment trial, support for the Senate convicting Trump is higher now. In an ABC News/Washington Post poll published in late January 2020, when the first trial was ongoing but before senators had voted, 47% of Americans said the Senate should vote to remove Trump from office and 49% said he should not be removed.

But in this latest poll, 56% of Americans say Trump should be convicted and barred from holding office again, and 43% say he should not be. The new poll was conducted by Ipsos in partnership with ABC News using Ipsos’ KnowledgePanel.

Trump has disgraced his legacy and position as President. He incited a insurrection against the United States Government and needs to be held accountable. In terms of Constitutionality I believe it is very appropriate to hold a trial for a former official. I am certain the founding fathers would agree becuase that notion protects the very essence of our constitutional republic. If we are able to just say “well he is already out of office so the issue is now moot” then we lose all credibility for our system of government.

Trump is a danger to the United States and the only way to stop him from ever ruining it again is to vote for conviction and then bar him from every running for President again. That is the protection we have in place and the one that is needed to put Trump in his place.

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  1. I guess my question is really what can Americans really prove he has done. If you can trust all reports coming from Main Stream media and the fellow politicians then I would say, YES he is responsible! However I am NOT SURE.

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