Apple CEO Hopes for Parler to Return to App Store

Apple suspended Parler, the conservative social media alternative to Twitter, in the wake of the Capitol riots where members of the app planned the attack. With no real policy for content moderation Apple and Google suspended the App from their respective App stores.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, made clear today in an interview with CBS news that Apple only suspended Parler from the App Store, and that the app is welcome back if it takes action and steps up its content moderation.

“Parler has some issues with moderation, there are incitement of violence examples on there and they need to step it up on the moderation. Our hope is that they do that and get back on the store,” he continues “We suspended them, we did not ban them.”

Apple removed the app from the store after it became clear the social media site was used during the insurrection attempt on the Capitol, in which Tim Cook called a “shameful and sad day”.

Parler was suspended Saturday after it failed to implement a better moderation plan for posts threatening violence, Apple said.

“We have always supported diverse points of view being represented on the App Store, but there is no place on our platform for threats of violence and illegal activity,” the company said in a statement. “Parler has not taken adequate measures to address the proliferation of these threats to people’s safety. We have suspended Parler from the App Store until they resolve these issues.”

Parler is currently shutdown after Amazon shut them off from their hosting servers following the controversy surrounding the users on their App that attacked the Capitol last week. The company has filed a lawsuit against the tech giant for anti-trust violations.

The Parler CEO has stated multiple times that he would keep his App open for free speech and has made this his last stand.

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  1. The actual organization of rioters happened on Facebook while hang pence trended on Twitter that same day, but who cared about the truth.

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