Justin Amash

Justin Amash Calls Out Young Americans for Liberty and Defends the #YALtoo Movement

We have been reporting on the allegations of sexual misconduct within the Young Americans for Liberty organization. Last night, former Congressman Justin Amash, who contributes diligently to the YAL organization called them out for their inconsistencies and called for accountability.

More women have joined the chorus to call out the organization for their handling of these allegations and have posted personal stories of their President Cliff Maloney and his indiscretions.

Full statement from Congressman Amash:

Recent claims of misconduct suggest Young Americans for Liberty hasn’t adequately or always protected the rights of individuals in its care. As a longtime ally and contributor to @YALiberty, I’m devastated and saddened by the organization’s deficient response to the allegations.

People deserve real answers about how allegations will be handled and investigated, not simply generic assurances that accusations of misconduct are taken seriously. This isn’t about making assumptions or prejudging guilt; it’s about identifying the specific steps being taken.

At a minimum, any investigation should be conducted by persons independent of YAL, and anyone accused of misconduct should be placed on administrative leave pending completion. It will be difficult to rebuild trust, but it will be impossible without a full and fair examination.

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