Young Americans for Liberty Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Young Americans for Liberty is in some deep water right now with new allegations that their organization has be engaged in sexual misconduct for many years.

Addyson Rae Garner posted to Twitter yesterday the allegations that Cliff Maloney, President of YAL, abused multiple women and attempted to covered up the abuse of others in the organization.

You can read the experience of Ms. Rae Garner here:

Julie Borowski spilled the beans on another Liberty organization that had cases of sexual misconduct as well.

Young Americans for Liberty has been silent on the matter and so has their President. We are not saying these allegations are true, but we have reached out to the organization and Cliff for comment with no response. Once we get that from them we will update the story.


Cliff Maloney responds:

Statement from Young Americans for Liberty:

More allegations are surfacing of misconduct on the party of Cliff Maloney, President of the Young Americans for Liberty. Here are some more:

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