The Great Twitter Purge of 2021

Yesterday new broke that President Donald Trump was suspended and banned from the social media outlet Twitter. Now, there seems to be some type of purge happening on Twitter as multiple accounts have reported losing followers.

We started yesterday with over 5,440 followers on Twitter and as of writing this article we are down to 5,296.

Other prominent figures have also reported the same thing.

What is happening at Twitter right now? Are they really removing violent accounts are starting their process to officially silence speech they don’t agree with?

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  1. Don’t be surprised. They are not only trying to paint President Trump as an evil person, which they have been doing for four years, but will silence anyone who disagrees with them if they can get away with it. I agree that the rally and President Trump’s choice to present fraud evidence there may have unintentionally caused some of his supporters to go too far, (and, in my opinion, going up to the barriers and standing there would have been fine but those who went beyond, ill intentioned or not, were setting themselves up for charges) but I highly doubt the window breakers and other fools were ‘typical Trump supporters’. Until this event, there were no other Trump rallies that caused such action, and there is evidence that a window breaker at least was tackled by two groups of Trump supporters. I neither voted for President Trump in this election nor did I in the last one, (voted third-party both times) but if they can silence the Republicans who supported him because of the actions of a small group of people who acted on their own, then they can and will silence liberty lovers too. This is a known ploy to demonize anyone they don’t agree with. If we don’t defend the right of those we disagree with, (especially when they are closer allies to our small government views than our persecutors are) then we cannot expect to have anyone left to defend our rights.


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