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Did Twitter Invoke the 25th Amendment?

Last night we witnessed something the Presidential cabinet and Vice President have yet been unable to accomplish. Power was stripped away from the President of the United States, but it didn’t come from our highest ranking government officials, but rather it came from behind a computer screen when Twitter shutdown Donald Trump’s account.

Is this the 21st Century way of invoking the 25th Amendment?

The President has relied on this platform for years to communicate ideas. He has been a keyboard warrior his entire four years in office and with the click of the button his voice was silenced. On Wednesday he incited a mob to storm the U.S. Capitol where five people have died, including a Capitol Police Officer.

Was this the right move by Twitter? Leave us a comment and let’s engage in the dialogue.

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  1. From a business standpoint, I wouldnt have done it. Soon enough his folks will put a release out speaking about his migration to other platforms. Possibly triggering growth elsewhere.

    Twitter is still a business. I dont like their management or their employees. But they still have the option of “shunting” people.

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