Vaccine Passports: The Latest Dystopian Nightmare

With the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine there is now a renewed push to require people to carry what is being called as a “Vaccine Passport” as they travel the country, or the world. This would be a virtual passport carried on your phone that you can use to prove that you have been vaccinated against the coronavirus and would allow you to get on airplanes, or other forms of travel.

Now, this makes since in the grand scheme of things as we are trying to eradicate this worldwide virus and we don’t want more people getting sick, but does this hit close to home on the “show me your papers” mentality of the early to mid 1900’s?

From the Daily Beast:

New products claim to do everything from optimizing vaccine distribution to tracing infections to monitoring who has immunity, as tech firms have worked to insert themselves into every facet of the public health fight. But the reality keeps falling short of the sales pitch, and recent debacles with vaccine priority algorithms and contact tracing apps are a warning for what’s coming next as the tech firms are just getting started. With this godsend of a vaccine comes a renewed push for immunity passports, an unproven technology with a racist history that deserves no place in 21st century health care, and a new wave of surveillance tools to monitor our health data.

This just screams of government intrusion and a huge violation of our private health data. There are certain things that are sacred and our health is one of them. We keep health records secure and refuse to divulge health information unless given express consent to do so.

Also, this could be viewed as a huge violation of the Constitution, specifically Article IV, Section 2, the privileges and immunities clause. This allows citizens of the United States to freely travel without restrictions from one state to another. Having to prove your state of health would violate this clause on the grounds that it restricts your ability to move about the country. What if one state doesn’t require the passport, but another does?

In the end this is hitting on the verge of another dystopian society.

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  1. Boo hoo. I don’t see the problem. Other countries aren’t obligated to cater to American selfishness and stupidity, and respect for borders and national defense laws is (used to be) a conservative value (pre-Trump).

    We don’t have an automatic right to enter someone else’s another country’s borders, certainly not without playing by their rules. Many countries already travel vaccination proof. So this is not new. Those who don’t like a country’s vaccination defense travel requirements can stay home in America. Problem solved, you can stop whining now. 👍🏾

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