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The Trump Era Has Divided Libertarians. Can They Recover?

So much has happened the past four years under the Trump Presidency and one that is very noticeable in Libertarian politics is the stark divide that mainstream Libertarians have had over supporting this President. Now with the Trump Era coming to an end can the Liberty movement recover after this division?

Libertarians, who attest to value personal freedom and limited government above all else, find themselves splintering in the Trump era.

“You couldn’t have crafted a more anti-libertarian candidate than Trump if you tried,” says Dalmia. But she notes that Trump’s successful push for tax cuts has allowed many libertarians and conservatives to ignore his autocratic tendencies.

“That’s the fig leaf that allowed them to ignore all the things Trump was engaging in,” she says.

“There hasn’t been a deeper alliance between libertarians and progressives that one would like to see,” she says. “Libertarian lawmakers see sort of majority interests first and minority interests second, and progressives rightly prioritize minority interests which is why you don’t see more alliance between libertarians and progressives.”

Check out the 30 Minute interview from Shikha Dalmai here.

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