Ben Sasse: Trump Pardon’s ‘Rotten to the Core’

The recent pardon’s by President Donald Trump have been scrutinized by many as shelling political favor to his friends and allies and nothing about injustices in the judicial system.

Many are coming out against these pardon’s and Senator Ben Sasse gave the easiest explanation.

From the Daily Mail:

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse delivered a short denunciation of President Donald Trump’s spree of pardons rewarding political allies and friends – including those like Paul Manafort who refused to cooperate with prosecutors in the Russia probe.

‘This is rotten to the core,’ said Sasse, one of the most outspoken elected Republicans when it comes to leveling criticism at the president.

Sasse issued the single-line statement Wednesday night as the nation amid the White House’s second consecutive night dumping information on pardons Trump issued using his virtually limitless unchecked power in that area. 

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