Secretary of State Pompey says Russia ‘pretty clearly’ behind cyberattack on United States

As President Trump continues to ignore the ongoing cyber attack against the United States key members of his cabinet are expressing the truth behind the attack.

From the Associated Press:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says Russia was “pretty clearly” behind the grave cyberattack against the United States, the first administration official to publicly tie the Kremlin to the widespread intrusion at a time when President Donald Trump has kept silent on the failure to protect government and private-sector computer networks. It’s not clear exactly what the hackers were seeking, but experts say it could include nuclear secrets, blueprints for advanced weaponry, COVID-19 vaccine-related research and information for dossiers on key government and industry leaders.

President Trump is still MIA and not taking any action against a blatant attack against the cyber infrastructure of our Federal government by a foreign country. This is an act of war that should be meet with a proportional response, but instead he cowers in the White House and bathes in the tears of his election defeat.

Shameful and treasonist!

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