Justin Amash Introduces Bill to Eliminate Civil Asset Forfeiture

Today Congressman Justin Amash introduced legislation to eliminate civil asset forfeiture nation wide.

“Today, I introduced the Civil Asset Forfeiture Elimination Act to repeal civil asset forfeiture nationwide. Its history is riddled with injustices not because it’s a valid practice that gets misused, but because its central premise is inherently flawed and unconstitutional.”

His bill also proposes ending state civil asset forfeiture.

Congressman Amash is one of the few in Congress that has actually introduced legislation to have real level impact on people’s lives. We are lucky to have him as a member of the Libertarian Party.

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  1. BRAVO JUSTIN AMASH…..writing my congressmen today to stop this unconstitutional theft with a badge …

  2. Vote early and vote often
    Quote from the immortal Mayor Curley of Boston from his office at The Federal lockup at Danbury Connecticut when he was intermed for a few mon months of his administration

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