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Donald Trump Unhinged: The Downfall of a U.S. President

It is sad to see that when you open Twitter we have a President of the United States going completely bananas as he tweets out that he won the election and that it was rigged against him. No joke, he has tweeted 10 times (at the time of this publication) about the election and how it was rigged against him.

Here are the tweets:

It is safe to say that this outgoing President might need some professional help. He might need to see a therapist to help him through his denial and stage of grief.

The Supreme Court has already denied him a day in court and will probably do so by weeks end once again. The Electoral College meets on Monday to officially cast their votes for POTUS and once again Donald Trump will lose the Presidency. His wife is ready to get out of the White House and people around him are preparing for their own futures post-Trump.

This type of mental decline has not been seen in American history. He really can’t get over the fact that millions of Americans want him out of office and they voted to remove him. They aren’t illegal votes, they are votes. Votes cast to cast doubt over his leadership and inability to govern and protect the American people.

So, who is going to call the therapist for him?

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