Only 5 House Republicans vote to decriminalize marijuana

As 68% of Americans have expressed their desire to see marijuana decriminalized at the federal level it seems that the Republican Party is still falling behind public opinion. Only 5 GOP members of the House voted in favor of decriminalization.

Rep. Matt Gaetz said , “The MORE Act is flawed; it uses cannabis policy to do a great deal of social engineering to create new taxes and new programs and redistribution of assets.”

“But I am here as the only Republican co-sponsor of the MORE Act, and I’m voting for it because the federal government has lied to the people of this country about marijuana for a generation.”

Yes, the American people have been lied to for years! Too many Americans have blind faith in the government and think they will take care of them. Too many times as that notion been proven wrong. And in the case of marijuana all they do is lock up minorities for a “drug” that is just really a plant.

It is time to change the narrative and take our country back.

Also, the only Libertarian in Congress also voted in favor.

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