Trump allies file emergency petition at Supreme Court over 2020 election

In a desperate attempt to change the results of the 2020 Presidential election allies of President Trump have filed an emergency petition with the United States Supreme Court.

From Roll Call:

Instead, the appeal comes from Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Mike Kelly and other Trump allies, in a lawsuit they filed after the election to challenge a 2019 state law that allowed voters to cast mail-in ballots for any reason. Election experts have called the lawsuit, which seeks to throw out all mail-in ballots in the state in the 2020 election, ridiculous. They panned the chances that the Supreme Court would agree to hear it. Election law expert Rick Hasen, a professor at the University of California, Irvine School of Law, wrote about it with this title: “Perhaps the Dumbest Argument Ever Made in Emergency Petition to the Supreme Court Appears in Pennsylvania Election Case.”

It seems that President Trump’s final hopes for this challenge are dependent on the conservative leaning Supreme Court to hand him this election. However, that is not going to happen. The court is not in a position to subvert the will of the people and even in the Bush v. Gore case from 2000 they explained that it was a one time unique opinion that held no precedent.

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  1. Judge Roberts my name is William Jenkins, this is to let you know and ask you to dismiss this case because Trumps allies do not want Joe Biden to be president they want Trump so they want this court to take the votes from the will of voters so they can choose their own electors to send to congress to vote for Donald Trump and their using deceit and dishonest on the court to do it, a law that was pass about mail in ballots, but if Trump would have won with those ballots they would not be trying to over a election that was fair and honest, their this case a fraud on this court, there was no fraud, Trump and his allies have lost 30 cases by 30 cases most of them was republican judges some he even appointed, because they have no proof of fraud this why his allies is using this tactic, Trump started the false statement the night of the election after Joe Biden came to the mike an said he feel like were gonna win this for every one to be patient because every vote got to be counted, then shorty after that Trump got up and started saying he won that the democrats are trying to still this election, because he had to see what Biden saw Bid had over 200 electoral college votes Trump had 114, but he claim he won, he even said in the debate when ask would he except the results of the election if he lost, Trump said he will except the results only if he win, he lost a fair election and he fired his employee for saying this was the most secure election in u s history, Judge Trump is the one who started his allies and supporters calling the 2020 presidential election a fraudulent , hoping his allies would do just what they would just what they are doing filing fraudulent court cases to have a court over turn the will of the people, I saw the election on election night thats how i know he started these lies. CNN also reported that Trump said he know Biden won but hes calling the election fraud as revenge to get back at the Democrats for what they did to him in 2016 about Hilary Clinton and the Russia situation so you see judge, all of this is why you should deny Trumps allies case mike Lee and other Republicans from Pennsylvania and any other case they file, Trump is also threading electors on twitter, he is mentally ill and call the governor of Georgia a moron and other names Judge, he have proven hes not mentally fit to be president of the united states, this is another reason why this fraudulent case thats full of lies and deceit should be dismiss. and it should be dismiss with prejudice. Every thing i said in this email is %100 facts

  2. Judge Roberts I’m asking you again to reject Mark lee and the other Trump allies petition to undo the election results in Pennsylvania because their motives is to choose electors who will vote for Donald Trump, the election is over and Joe Biden won with 306 votes, but these republicans are doing their best to overturn Joe Biden’s win, so please sir don’t let him take Pennsylvania voters vote, please deny these republicans petition and let Joe Biden keep his victor, Joe Biden also won the popular vote as well by over six million votes he’s already, those are democrats votes Trump allies want to overturn, if those mail in ballots was for Trump his allies would not be trying to get them overturn, thank you again.

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