Supreme Court Justices seem skeptical of Trump’s Census plan

The United States Supreme Court heard arguments today in Trump v. New York in which the Trump administration is seeking to drastically change the counting of the 2020 Census to not include anyone that has been in this country illegally.

The Constitutionally required Census is conducted every 10 years and is used to allocate representation in Congress, particularly in the House of Representatives which is shaped by state populations.

According to SCTOUS Blog “after over 90 minutes of debate, several justices seemed skeptical of the legality of President Donald Trump’s plan. But they spent relatively little time on that topic, focusing instead on whether the Supreme Court could or should weigh in now, and by the end it seemed very possible that they may not resolve the merits of the case immediately – if at all.”

This is a desperate attempt by the Trump administration to subvert a whole group of people in order to gain more seats in Congress through redistricting efforts that state legislatures will take up following the conclusion of this Census.

“Throughout U.S. history, the population numbers used to allocate seats in the House of Representatives have included everyone living in each state, regardless of their immigration status. In July 2020, however, Trump announced that the total population used to determine the number of seats for each state would not include people who are in the country illegally. In a memorandum to Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, Trump asked for two numbers for each state: the total population as determined by the 2020 census; and the total population, subtracting – “to the extent practicable” – people who are living in the country without authorization. The second number would be used as the “base” to allocate seats in the House.”

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