GOP Rep. Denver Riggleman Unloads On Republican Colleagues, Trump

Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-Va.) pulled no punches against President Trump and his fellow Republicans in Congress in an interview with Forbes, accusing them of a “massive grift” in refusing to acknowledge the results of the election and claiming Trump appeals to groups that are “anti-Semitic” and “anti-American.”

From Forbes:

Riggleman, one of just 10 GOP House members acknowledging Joe Biden’s victory, said the Republican refusal to acknowledge the result is “just money-making for the 2024 election” and “completely unethical,” saying he’s spoken to 30 or 40 GOP members of Congress who privately acknowledge the result despite public silence.

“They’re worried about committee assignments, they’re worried about the team,” Riggleman said of Republicans who have stayed loyal to Trump, noting that breaking with Trump can “cost them their careers,” and that “the career is more important than the facts, it’s that simple.”

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  1. Without addressing the slant, crying in private makes you a coward. It is better for you to come forward and put your face behind a quote, than sniping. Also, many of Denver’s constituents (and Denver himself) should admit that they are “just trying to survive”. I am not a huge fan of Pres DJT but I dont believe in hiding.

    A man that wont voice his beliefs doesnt strike me as much of a man at all.

    This is a low bar.

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