Trump Pays for Recount in Milwaukee County and Biden Adds to His Vote Total

A recount paid for by the Trump campaign of votes cast in Milwaukee County concluded on Friday with 132 votes being added to President-elect Joe Biden’s margin of victory over the President in Wisconsin.

The results came in seven days after the recount of nearly 460,000 ballots began, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.It ended with boosting Biden’s total by 257 votes, up from 317,270 to 317,527.

Trump’s final tally was raised by 125 votes for a total of 134,482.

This is an unpopular opinion in our circles, but Trump needs to wake up and realize that when he told his supporters to not vote by mail and vote in person this is what happens. The states he is contesting on the grounds of “fraud” did not have the capacity to count mail votes until Election Day so naturally they counted them later and it boosted Biden’s totals.

It’s not rocket science.

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