27 Trillion Reasons Why America is Screwed. Our growing debt and Washington’s inability to control a financial pandemic

There is a threat looming in the darkness that no one in Washington D.C. seems to see. It has the potential to wreak havoc on our financial markets and burden generations to come with financial ruin. We act like we can ignore it year after year, but with every passing Congress and President the threat just keeps getting bigger.

The American economy is on the brink of collapse not because of COVID-19 but rather the $27 Trillion debt that our government has been allowed to rack up for decades. We have been promised by leaders of both parties that they would fix this growing crisis, and every year we have a Congress and President that just keeps racking up the spending and sticking it to the American people at every passing turn.

These past four years with Trump in the Oval were promising to many people. Here we had a business man that could balance the budget and bring this country out of financial ruin. Instead we get a false sense of economic boom and rather the same business tactics that made this President bankrupt multiple businesses and need a fiscal bailout multiple times.

This country has not had a real leader take this issue seriously. Candidates stump around the country saying they will reign in spending and bring back fiscal responsibility but we are always treated to empty lies and trillion dollar spending bills are signed into law and tax dollars are thrown away at the expense of their reelection.

In 2008 David Wallace from the Peter G. Peterson Foundation said “the biggest threat to this country is not hiding in some cave in Afghanistan, but rather our own fiscal irresponsibility.” He is still right as we continue bouncing around the world and still have troops fighting in the Middle East and now our debt has more than doubled and what do we have to show for it? We get an artificial economic boom that is now hit by a global health pandemic and the only answer from leaders in Washington is to spend more and drive us further into financial ruin.

When will this change? Will it ever change? Tackling this issue takes real courage and stamina as the D.C. elites have grabbed control of every purse string and made it near impossible to balance a budget, reduce the deficit, and in turn start paying down the debt.

If this happened they would lose all their power and America would be free.

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