Colorado Congresswoman-Elect Wants to Carry Her Glock at the Capitol

Imagine walking into the United States Capitol and seeing a Congresswoman packing a glock on her hip and she casts her vote for freedom!

A Colorado congresswoman-elect, and pro-second amendment activist who straps a Glock to her hip, is looking to bring her firearm on Capitol grounds when she takes office in January.

Lauren Boebert has reportedly asked Capitol Police about packing heat in the House, a practice that’s allowed for lawmakers, with some limitations, under congressional regulations.

The 33-year-old conservative, who runs a gun-themed restaurant called Shooters Grill in the small community of Rifle, reportedly made the request when she and other newly elected House members were recently in Washington, DC for orientation programs, two congressional officials told The Associated Press.

Initially the Congresswoman-Elect didn’t comment on the story, but her post on Twitter more than likely confirmed the story.

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