Colorado County Defying State’s Level Red COVID Restrictions

Less than 24 hours after the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) notified Weld County that it would be moving the county to the “Level Red” portion of a public health dial in response to elevated coronavirus cases, the board of Weld County Commissioners held to what they have been saying for the past nine months.

“County government continues to do what it has done since March, which is promote and encourage residents and business owners to take individual responsibility and make decisions to protect themselves, their families, their community and their businesses,” a news release read Friday morning.

If the statement wasn’t clear, the commissioners added to their previous statements that they would not enforce state mandates by individually commenting on specific orders from CDPHE.

  • “The county will not enforce a rule confining individuals to their homes for an undetermined length of time;
  • The county will not enforce a rule that states residents cannot have personal gatherings.
  • The county will not tell the school districts how to provide education to their students.
  • The county will not enforce a rule requiring a reduction of attendees in places of worship.
  • The county will not enforce a rule demanding restaurants close their indoor dining areas.
  • The county will not enforce any rule that forces a business to shut down or impedes their ability to operate.”

Many counties and municipalities across the United States are feeling the same type of pinch every time a state authority tries to restrict economic activity. People’s livelihoods are at stake and instead of shutting down the economy some are standing up to the overbearing authority of their states.

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