Justin Amash

Justin Amash: The New Leader of the Liberty Movement

In the couple of weeks since the Presidential election there has been a debate taking place among Liberty activists on who the new leader of the Liberty movement will be going forward. There are many intellectuals that help shape the scope of Libertarian thinking in this country and many that have run for political office and focus on building the movement from the ground up.

However, it is clear that there is a new leader in the Liberty movement and it comes in the form of Libertarian Congressman Justin Amash.

Congressman Amash has been the token Libertarian thinker in DC politics for the past four years. He has challenged the institutional elements of Congress, sparred with President Trump, and famously left the Republican Party to take up the Libertarian Party banner and becoming the first Libertarian member of Congress. He flirted with the idea of running for President this past year, but made the conscience decision to forgo that race in order to build his reputation among party members that are typically apprehensive to outsiders coming in and running for President.

Amash is now poised to lead the Libertarian Party and movement for the next four years and shape the growth of the party in an age that is crying out for another choice. We witnessed a Presidential election with tow candidates over 70 representing the duopoly that has grown old with people in America.

The Congressman brings with him a host of knowledge on the inner workings of government and the nature of politics in D.C. He has been in the belly of the beast and see the power holds that the duopoly has on our democratic system.

No one comes close for the title of leader of the Liberty movement anymore. That title can only be bestowed upon someone that doesn’t kowtow to a President in hopes of gaining a grain of power (Rand Paul). Congressman Amash has the intellectual ability and clear spokeness to bring Libertarianism to the masses over the next four years.

Maybe we will even see a run for the Presidency again?

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  1. There are no “new leaders” of liberty movements if they are not calling for revitalizing the Well Regulated Militia to secure “a free State”. To claim that is either a lie or ignorance of the Constitution.
    I am the only political candidate who has publicly called for giving power back to the People by using LCS Militia. I will run for Governor of Texas in 2022 if there is a campaign manager with guts out there who has what it takes to run THE anti-tax, anti-war campaign of all time. I will prove that I am more libertarian than pretender Ron Paul.
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