Jo Jorgensen

Final National Poll Shows Jo Jorgensen With 4% on Election Eve

The Presidential Election of 2020 is about to conclude in one of the weirdest election cycle’s in American History. Voting during a pandemic and four years of anger is about to come to an end.

The Libertarian Party has done a lot over the past decade to gather more support from the electorate and 2020 is no different. While many don’t expect the Libertarian Ticket to contend for the Presidency in our duopoly system, much can be said for the wide support they do have in this country.

The latest/final Zogby Poll puts Jo Jorgensen at 4% which would be double the support from the 2016 election.

While there hasn’t been overwhelming support for a third party in recent elections the movement is out there ready to grab at the right time. Maybe it missed it’s chance this year, but there are other elections to come and Liberty will eventually prevail.

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  1. I would be interested to see where she lands in the Rasmussen or other polls that more accurately predicted the last election. I hope she does better than Gov. Gary Johnson did, both for the party’s sake and because she is closer to an ideal Libertarian than Gov. Johnson was.

  2. I think Libertarians should merge with republicans. Republican party misses the pro-market liberals and freedom fighters.
    Trump would win and socialist would be back where they belong.

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