Bold Prediction: Joe Biden Wins the State of Texas

Something big is happening in the state of Texas and it doesn’t bode well for the candidate that everyone thinks will win Texas, Donald Trump.

First, Texas leads the nation in voter turnout with well over 100% of their total vote in 2016. High turnout is not good for a President who has such high disapproval ratings. Also, this means that people are turning out for this election that typically don’t vote. If they did then the 2016 turnout number would have been higher.

Second, the polls in Texas are not looking good for what is typically a Republican stronghold.

There have been other polls that put Trump down by more than 3 against Biden in the Lone Star state. Texas is usually like California is for the Democrats. It is usually a guaranteed Republican state in the electoral college, but something interesting is happening there. A trend is forming among voters in this “Red” state and it could really alter the results of the Electoral College and give Joe Biden a landslide victory.

It is our bold prediction that Joe Biden will win the state of Texas on Tuesday. With such high voter turnout in the state it will more than likely lean towards the Democrat and usher in the blue tidal wave that is being forecasted this coming week.

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  1. So this is what smoking ‘hopium’ does to the mind. Texas will vote for Trump in a landslide, especially since Biden said in the last debate that he would kill the oil and gas industry. The same logic applies to Pennsylvania. Joe Biden does not inspire as he mumbles and dishes up word-salads in front of a few dozen followers at a time.

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