Ballot Selfie: Thanks to a Colorado Libertarian Leader They Are Not Illegal in the Centennial State

As the 2020 election enters the last week many in this country are showcasing their First Amendment right by posting pictures/videos of themselves voting. They share images of dropping off their ballots, filling them out, and proclaiming with a selfie who they voted for in the Presidential election.

However, in most states across this country it is actually illegal to post a picture of your filled out ballot and post it online or share it with other people. Proponents of these laws say it protects people against coercion, but there is a vocal opposition that believes it is people’s First Amendment right to proclaim whom they voted for.

The biggest fight for this right came in 2016 in the great state of Colorado when a bipartisan effort challenged the ballot selfie law in the state and had the court agree with the citizens that it was their constitutional right to showcase whom they voted for.

All of this was brought on by a Libertarian leader in Colorado, Caryn Ann Harlos, who now serves as the secretary of the Libertarian National Committee.

Go out and exercise your Constitutional right of free political speech and don’t be scared by an authoritarian government that wishes to prosecute you at every turn.

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