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Donald J. Trump: The American Dictator

Open letter to readers:

The United States of America has fallen from the graces of the founding fathers and we usher in a new era in American history with Donald Trump becoming the first dictator of this country.

With the continuing protests in this country the President has vowed to send the United States Military into cities across this country in a show of force only seen in oppressed countries run by authoritarian figures.

We have come a far way from the great leaders of our country and now we have a deranged leader that says one thing and then does another. He is costing lives in this great country and his staunchest supporters still stand behind his madness. He has no constitutional authority to send the United States Military into American cities.

It is a sad day in this country. Police brutality is a real thing and needs to be addressed. The peaceful protests happening are a good thing for the national narrative, and yes the violent actions by some need to be dealt with. However, we have a President who’s brain is smaller than a pea and spawns off on conspiracy theories and his deranged mind to enforce policy that is contradictory to the foundation of this country.

We need a President who will unite this country not divide it with guns pointed at its citizens. We need a leader who will bridge the racial gap and not widen it. We need a real leader and not one that copies the tactics of Middle Eastern leaders as they oppress their citizens. When will we get this leader? At this point anybody (including Biden) will be worlds better than this dictator.

The supports of Trump should be ashamed of themselves and need to wake up to the fact that their “leader” is trashing the Constitution and imposing a narrative that is not American.

We need change in this country and it starts in the White House.

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