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Spike Cohen Wins the Libertarian Vice-Presidential Nomination

The Libertarian National Convention has selected Spike Cohen to be their Vice-Presidential nominee. He will be joining the ticket with Jo Jorgensen as she leads the Libertarian Party for the 2020 Election.

Spike Cohen was born Jeremy Cohen at an extremely young age in 1982.  At the age of 3, Jeremy went to the theater with his family to watch the My Little Pony movie.  After witnessing the heroism and bravery of Spike the purple dragon, he informed his family that Jeremy was in fact dead, and he was now Spike.  This bit of information proved to be a strong indicator of how Spike would conduct himself for the rest of his life.

At the age of 16, Spike was informed that he couldn’t simply do drugs his entire life, and that he either needed to start a career or go to university.  Spike decided to learn how to do web design, and within a couple of years he had a successful business. Spike credits the lack of occupational licensing requirements for his ability to go into business with minimal barrier to entry.

Everything seemed to be going perfectly.  Spike had a growing business, a beautiful and loving wife, lots of friends and much more.  But yet he felt unfulfilled by life. But that was all about to change.

In 2016 at the age of 33, Spike was diagnosed with MS.  In that moment, he realized that he needed to make drastic changes.  He retired from web design, took a nearly 2 year long hiatus and decided to refocus his life on what he truly loved: spreading the message of liberty, self-ownership and nonaggression.

In 2018, Spike became the co-owner of Muddied Waters Media, the co-host of The Muddied Waters of Freedom (with his partner Matt Wright) and host of his own show, (((My Fellow Americans))).  He has found tremendous, seemingly endless joy and purpose in sharing freedom with everyone he possibly can.

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  1. “Spike Cohen was born Jeremy Cohen at an extremely young age in 1982” As opposed to being born at an old age? Like Ben Button?

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