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Arvin Vohra Goes on the Attack Against the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus

After being soundly defeated in his run for the Libertarian Presidential nomination, Arvin Vohra tired to attack the Libertarian Mises Caucus and the amazing success they have had over the past few years.

Arvin Vohra has lost all credibility in the party he once helped lead. Following his tirades the past few years in which he alienated himself to extreme positions against the military and the members who serve, he has fallen from grace and now sits in his home trying to claim he is the ultimate Libertarian.

The Mises Caucus has done more for the Libertarian Party than Vohra ever will. They have grown the membership, held true to Libertarian principles, supported candidates that believe the LP can be a mainstream party, and made more progress as a grassroots caucus than any in the party.

Good riddance Arvin!

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