Libertarian Party

Backroom Dealings In LP Leadership to Push for All Online Convention

As you may know, the Libertarian National Committee voted on May 9 to hold an online presidential nominating caucus this coming Memorial Day weekend, to be followed by an in-person convention July 8-12 in Orlando, Florida, during which all other convention votes and business will be conducted. This compromise was arrived at in order to allow more time for the LP presidential ticket to secure ballot access in all 50 states.

We are learning that some people still don’t want the LP to have an in-person convention this year—even though the bylaws require it—and that they plan to try to push through a measure during the virtual presidential vote that would eliminate the agreed-upon in-person convention and require all convention business to be conducted during the online meetings on the weekend of Friday, May 22.

Even though we pushed for an online convention it would go against sound leadership to skirt the delegates, and the voting members of the LNC, and push to have the entire convention online. The elected members of the party voted for this compromise and it should stay that way. Yes, we need to get our Presidential nominee out there as fast as we can, but the other business of the party can wait.

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