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Endorsement 2.0: Jacob Hornberger is the Right Choice for America and the Libertarian Party

With Justin Amash out of the race it was easy for us here at The Liberty Herald to decide who should get our support for the Libertarian Party nomination for President. We initially endorsed Jacob Hornberger for the nomination before Amash and are proud to re-endorse the principled candidate for President.

Here was our initial endorsement of Hornberger back in December:

The 2020 Presidential election season is upon us and as always the two major parties will have candidates that are lack luster and one in the same. Americans will have a choice to make and as always we suggest a third party candidate that shares the same principle and convictions you hold. It is not a wasted vote as some suggest, but rather a vote of conscience.

For the Libertarian Party the decision is huge in 2020. Who will be the nominee of the largest third party in the United States? For the past two election cycles the LP has had the former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson to lead the charge for the party. As a former Republican Governor of New Mexico he brought the largest vote totals in 2016 that the party has ever seen in its 50 year history.

Now, the big question will be who takes the charge in 2020 to shed light on the major flaws of the Democrats and Republicans and give Americans a choice that is different?

The Libertarian Party has a number of good candidates running this cycle that embody the foundational principles of the party. There are also some joke candidates that the party is allowing to run, but we have already talked about that subject in the past. There are a few things we look at to determine who should receive our endorsement:

  • Electability
  • The Issues
  • Character
  • Values

We believe that we have found the candidate that matches on all four of these standards.

The Liberty Herald is officially endorsing Jacob Hornberger to be the Libertarian nominee for President in 2020.

As a former trial lawyer and the current President of the Future of Freedom Foundation, Hornberger is the most principled Libertarian we have seen in a very long time. When researching his campaign it is apparent he holds true to the core of Libertarianism. He has received praise from all star Libertarian’s like Ron Paul which to us is the standard bearer for any politician seeking our recognition.

As Libertarians we believe that respect for individual rights is the essential precondition for a free and prosperous world, that force and fraud must be banished from human relationships, and that only through freedom can peace and prosperity be realized.

Consequently, we defend each person’s right to engage in any activity that is peaceful and honest and welcome the diversity that freedom brings. The world we seek to build is one where individuals are free to follow their own dreams in their own ways, without interference from government or any authoritarian power.

Jacob Hornberger fits right into that belief system. We published an article a few weeks back that suggested that the Libertarian Party did not have a viable candidate for the Presidential election. After looking into all the candidates at a deeper level we found that Hornberger had that viability. He is the one that will be able to give the national audience a good look at Libertarianism and do so in a very professional way. His ideas are fresh and he has the ability to showcase them in a very coherent fashion.

We reached out to Mr. Hornberger and asked him the following questions:

What makes your candidacy unique and different from the others running?

I can only speak to my own campaign and then let Libertarian Party members decide any differences with other candidates. My campaign positions adhere strictly to libertarian principles, which necessarily means a dismantling, not a reform, of all infringements on liberty, including Social Security, Medicare, drug laws, trade restrictions, immigration controls, income taxation, the Federal Reserve, and all other welfare-state and regulatory programs. It also necessarily means a dismantling of the national-security state type of governmental structure and a restoration of a limited-government republic, which was our nation ’ s founding governmental structure. That necessarily means bringing all U.S. troops home from everywhere and discharging them, lifting all sanctions and embargoes, and ending all foreign empire and interventionism.”

What should be the direction/goal of the LP going forward?

“Since the Libertarian Party publicly promotes itself as the “ party of principle, ” I believe it is imperative that the party adhere strictly to libertarian principles. I also believe that adhering to principle is the best way to achieve our goal of a free society. Not only is libertarianism based on sound moral, philosophical, and economic principles, it is also the only practical solution to the many crises that Democrats and Republicans have foisted upon our land with their socialist, interventionist, and imperialist policies. Now that many Americans are figuring out that something is fundamentally wrong with American society, libertarians have an excellent opportunity to lead America in the direction of liberty, peace, and prosperity.”

After talking with Mr. Hornberger and hearing these answers there is no doubt that he is the right person to lead the Libertarian Party in 2020 and for years to come. He will make a fantastic nominee and even better President of the United States!

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