Justin Amash

Ex-Libertarian Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson Hails Rep. Amash’s Presidential Bid

Former Presidential candidate and Governor of New Mexico just stopped short of a full out endorsement of Congressman Justin Amash’s Presidential bid yesterday.

From Newsmax:

In an exclusive interview with Newsmax Friday, former two-term New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson said that Amash — who began exploring a Libertarian bid for president last week— “brings a lot to the table. He’s easily the strongest candidate the Libertarians could field.”

Johnson, 67, drew 1.3 million votes for president in 2012 and, in 2016, drew 4.5 million votes, which at 3.27% of the vote, was the best performance of a Libertarian since the party began fielding presidential candidates in 1972.

Like Johnson himself, five-term lawmaker Amash left the Republican Party last year and most recently emerged as a Libertarian. Earlier this year, he received national attention as the only U.S. House Member to vote for Donald Trump’s impeachment who was not a Democrat.

“I’ve met Amash on several occasions, and I was impressed,” Johnson told us. He particularly cited the fact that the Grand Rapids-area lawmaker is relinquishing his House seat to make a bid for president that most observers consider quixotic.

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