Justin Amash

Amash Unlikely To Be a Spoiler For Biden or Trump, Poll Says

The first polling is out with Justin Amash included and already the Libertarian candidate is polling at 5% of the vote and he is not even the official nominee of the Libertarian Party.

Having just announced last week his intention to run for President he is already making a dent into the national political landscape.

Justin Amash’s third-party bid for the White House looks unlikely to be a spoiler for either Joe Biden or Donald Trump in the November election, according to a poll released by Monmouth University on Wednesday.

Biden has support from 47% of registered voters in the poll, Trump has 40% and Amash receives 5%. Amash is a representative from Michigan who left the Republican party in 2018 and is a vocal critic of Trump. He announced his candidacy as a Libertarian Party candidate in late April.


Right away Amash was criticized for playing spoiler to Biden and ensuring Trump’s reelection, which is backwards. Also, no Libertarian is a spoiler candidate but rather another choice for the American people. The American people are hungry for something different and as Amash gets out there and campaigns and gets the Libertarian message out these numbers will sky rocket.

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  1. I think John Kasich would be the best third party candidate. There is need for another party or a write-in campaign for Governor John Kasich. Nikki Halley would be a great running mate!

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