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Unredacted Documents Show Trump Explicitly Broke the Law; He Should Be Removed From Office

Unredacted documents reported on Thursday by Just Security show both why the Senate should hold a full presidential impeachment trial and the reasons President Trump’s actions regarding Ukraine were so improper. He should be removed from office for this gross violation of the law and the Constitution.

The documents show repeated warnings from Defense Department officials to White House personnel that Trump’s delay in releasing legally mandated aid to Ukraine was unlawful.

His Impeachment by the House of Representatives was based on the abuse of power in response to the Ukriane situation where he asked the President of a foreign country to investigate a United States citizen that was challenging him for the Presidency. He withheld Congressionally approved aide from this country in exchange for his own political gain, not to the benefit of the United States.

Before examining that evidence, please consider that this is only one of three ways in which Trump’s actions were so inappropriate as to be impeachable. First, Trump’s request for Ukraine to investigate the Bidens was, beyond the scope of his power. As former ambassador Bill Taylor testified, the president has no authority to ask a foreign government to investigate a U.S. citizen based on that nation’s laws rather than our own.

These actions by Trump go beyond the scope of his office and should be grounds for removal from office. We cannot have a President that uses his office to manipulate the American people and gain for his own benefit. He is a representative of the country and not his own interests. This is the very thing the founding fathers feared when they created the Presidency. They had many qualms with the idea of putting power into the hands of one individual and built many safeguards into the Constitution to ensure they could strip that power if the individual became tyrannical.

We have reached that point with this President and his disregard for the law and Constitution. He is a threat to the very foundation this country was built upon.

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