2020 Election Could Be Decided By The House of Representatives if Libertarians Focus on Six States

The New Year has begun and the 2020 election season is now in full force. This November there will be a dog fight between the two major parties with the Democrats goal of unseating Donald Trump from the White House. The fire breathing, no filter President is ready to pick a fight with whomever the Dems put on top. There best bet against the President would be Joe Biden, but at this rate who knows!

This election has the potential to have a little twist built in and it could lead to the House of Representatives picking the next President of the United States. All of this happens if the Libertarian Party candidate (whomever that will be) focuses on six states the whole time and tries to win all of them.

The map we have built is based on current polling if Joe Biden were the nominee of the Democrats. We then picked the six states out and gave them to the Libertarian candidate which guarantees that no one gets the 270 needed to win the Presidency. If that happens then the House of Representatives will pick from the top three vote getters which would include the Libertarian candidate.

Each one of these states has a track record of being an independent minded state. They all have Libertarian leanings and neither is necessarily beholden to voting for one party over another. These six states could make history and through this election out of the hands of either major party and let the House decide.

Neither party has candidates that are liked. Each one has skeletons in their close and the American people are looking for something different. Yes, the likelihood of this actually happening are slim to none, but nothing is impossible. Heck, Donald Trump was elected President so anything is possible in American politics now.

The Libertarian Party needs to funnel their efforts into key states like this once they have a nominee and only focus their time there. Every vote counts, but winning also matters. If the LP can get actual Electoral Votes it will yield some power for a change. Just looking at popular votes as they have done in the past looks good on paper (like 2016) but it doesn’t amount to anything.

If they could get 39 Electoral Votes then the game changes. If this scenario were to happen the course of history in this country will be different. This would be a game changer!

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