Texas Church Shooting Stopped By Two Armed Parishioners Legally Carrying Guns

A church shooting today in the state of Texas was thwarted by two parishioners who were legally carrying fire arms.

Two people are dead and one more person is critically injured after a shooter opened fire during Sunday morning service at a church near Fort Worth, Texas. The gunman was shot, and reportedly killed, by the armed church members.

Jeff Williams, the regional head of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said: 

We have a couple of heroic parishioners who stopped short of anything you could even imagine and saved countless lives.

The Tarrant county sheriff at press conference noted: 

“Today evil walked boldly among us, let me remind you, good people raised up and stopped it before it got worse.”

As always legally abiding citizens exercising their right to bear arms was able to stop an attack perpetuated by a mad man. With Police response times a factor in all emergencies it is the bravery of ordinary people to step into the line of fire to stop the evil in our world.


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