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President Trump Job Disapproval on the Rise in Latest Survey

The latest Rasmussen Reports poll conducted shows that President Trump’s job disapproval is on the rise since the beginning of December, before the impeachment.

The latest measure conducted now shows that 53% of Americans disapprove of the job the President is doing.

In light of the impeachment process this past month the President has not made any gains with the American people, despite what he might be thinking. He consistently uses this measure to blast his opponents, but now that he is well past the 50% mark it it is showing that that American people are losing faith in his ability to fulfill his duties as President.

The Real Clear Politics Average of his approval rating are showing this to be a consistent measure. Despite a booming economy the American people are not pleased with the direction Trump is taking it. Generally if the economy is strong then the President’s approval numbers will be proficient. That is not the case with this President.

More than likely his rhetoric and constant use of Twitter to regurgitate his ideas turns people away. He has no ability to filter himself and even though the economy is strong how Americans view this is a big deal.

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