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President Trump Has Gone Off the Rails in Now-Removed Tweetstorm Full of Rants and Conspiracies

Last night I was sitting around enjoying a nice evening with my family when I pulled out my phone, opened up Twitter, and saw that the President of the United States had lost his mind! There were some weird rants about the impeachment process, like normal, but a lot of retweets from some very sketchy conservative, pro trump accounts.

I thought I was crazy, but then this afternoon all of the news outlets confirmed my suspicions.

(CNN)President Donald Trump retweeted an attack that included an unsubstantiated name of the intelligence community whistleblower at the heart of the Ukraine scandal as part of a series of rants and conspiratorial posts overnight.Trump or someone with access to his Twitter account removed the retweet Saturday morning.Other retweets were also reversed, including pro-Trump and anti-Democrat memes from suspicious-looking Twitter accounts. But his whistleblower-related post was the most noteworthy because nearly every public official involved in the impeachment inquiry agreed that the identity of the original complainant should be protected.Trump has shared more than 100 posts about the whistleblower since September, almost entirely critical, but until this week he had refrained from sharing any content directly pointing to a person’s name.The White House did not respond to a request for comment on Friday night’s retweet and Saturday morning’s reversal.

Its great how this man gives us something everyday to write about. The fact that the man sitting in the oval office is gone off the rails should be concerning for everyone in this country. Its not really funny anymore, but disturbing.

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