Ex-GOP Congressman Says Trump Unfit for Office

The rumors have been swirling for years that Republicans in private rail against the President and the way he governs and behaves. However, the only one to be public about their displeasure with his Presidency is now an independent (Justin Amash).

Now, a former Republican Congressman is coming out and speaking publicly about his displeasure with Trump.

From CNN:

A former GOP congressman who retired earlier this year says President Donald Trump is “psychologically, morally, intellectually, and emotionally unfit for office” and that he will consider voting for a Democrat in 2020.Dave Trott, who represented suburban Detroit for two terms until he declined to seek reelection last year, made the comments in a letter to The Atlantic and went on to say Congress should remove Trump from office.”High unemployment, a stagnating economy, and massive debt for a few years are better than alienating the rest of our allies, getting into a nuclear war with Iran, or allowing 10,000 Islamist soldiers to be set free in Syria,” Trott wrote. He was responding to an article published in The Atlantic in September quoting military officers who were critical of Trump.

The CNN article also points out that there are 21 GOP Congressman not seeking re-election next year and have already started to come out of hiding to criticize the President.

This is one of the biggest problems in Washington; blind loyalty to their party. On both sides of the political spectrum there are too many who abandon principle in oder to blindly follow a leader like Trump. Instead of being that voice of reason they care more about their re-election to office instead of doing the right thing.

It is nice to see some GOP members coming out and blasting this President.

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