Bill Weld: GOP Senators Will Be Voted Out in 2020 If They ‘March in Lockstep Behind Trump’

Fmr. Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, currently running as a primary challenger to President Donald Trump for the Republican nomination for president, speaks to Alex Witt about impeachment. Weld says that any GOP senators up for election in 2020 will be voted out of office if they “march in lockstep behind Trump, irrespective of the evidence” at an impeachment trial.

Full Video of the interview here.

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  1. Agreed! They should call members from both parties in the House, any material witnesses, and obey all the Senate rules for the hearing. This would give them the moral high ground over the House leaders, who, as Rep. Doug Collins and others have pointed out, ignored certain rules relating to minority party rights. Even if the evidence leads to President Trump’s removal, at least they would keep the moral victory.

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