President Trump Has Grown the Budget Deficit Every Year in Office

As the year 2019 comes to a close it is important to look back and analyze the work that President Trump has done as President.

Well, here is one statistic for you. The President has increased the budget deficity every year he has been in office. Just take a look for yourself.

With a $984 Billion defecit in 2019, Trump is predicted to suprpass $1 Trillion in 2020.

For someone who promised to drain the swamp and be this fiscal conservative business guy, he has not done a stand up job. Instead, he has sucumbed to the Washington way and has no way of controlling spending. Instead he creates new government programs like the U.S. Space Force and using government money to build an unnecessary wall on the southern border.

When will we get a President that understands the detriment that they cause to the financial situation of this country and leaving a huge burden behind to future generations.

So much for having a real economic leader in the White House.

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