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The Libertarian Party Needs a Viable Candidate; Right Now They Don’t Have One

The 2020 Presidential Election will be one of the most contentious in American History. With President Trump on the verge of being impeached by the House of Representatives today and the Democrats gearing up to find their candidate, this could be a pivotal election for a third party.

However, the Libertarian Party is failing to garner a viable candidate to put in front of the American electorate. If you look at the list of candidates vying for the LP nomination it is almost a laughing matter. They still hold up candidates like Vermin Supreme because they think it is funny, but as a Libertarian I don’t find the humor.

The LP needs a candidate that will capture the spotlight in face of the partisan bickering we see in Washington and shine a light for the voters that will give them hope. As of right now the only current candidate that I can see have any chance in the LP is Jacob Hornberger. The problem with him, is the name recognition that he will spend months working for.

The leadership of the party needs to be taking an active role to find someone that will bring forward the great political philosophy of our time. The party drags their feet and lets the crazy elements control so much of their time they can’t focus on the actual reason to have a political party. To win elections!

There are Liberty minded candidates out there that need to run for President. Trump has done so much damage to the Constitution and our Liberty that someone needs to stand up that can take him and the Democrats on during the election. As of right now that person doesn’t exist in the LP.

Justin Amash is the closest thing we have to a viable candidate, but its a waiting game to see if he will actually pull the trigger.

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  1. The Libertarian Party has never been interested in getting anyone elected to any office. It has only been a party interested in promoting fringe issues that will never be accepted by enough voters to get anyone elected in most elections, including dog catcher. I suspect that person would promote open cages so all the dogs could run free from government control.

    Even the much popular Ron Paul ran as a republican because he knew the LP was considered the party of hippies, pot heads and free wheeling individuals unable to accept any controls on life.

    The LP wont even consider changing their festivities called a convention to a much earlier date so the nominee can begin social media communications well before the major parties. They want to party and too hell with a winning strategy by allowing their candidate to capture some coverage before the major parties begin sucking all the air during the primaries.

    I am aligned much closer to the Libertarian party in many issue, but registered GOP in NC because you never hear a word from their candidates. When all you do is put out a name and never communicate any positions, a vote for them is totally wasted. At least a vote for Johnson helped with ballot access.

  2. Frankly, maybe the Libertarian party should use ballot access to actually give an alternative to the left/right statist paradigm we face on too many election cycles. Last cycle, the Libertarian debates left me wondering what was the difference between the DNC and the LP. Watch the debates (especially telling was Gary Johnson’s answer to the question relating to Masterpiece Cakes and whether they should be required to make a designer cake for a same-sex ‘wedding’) or listen to clips of Bill Weld praising Obama and Clinton. McAfee and Petersen sounded far more like Libertarians, but then, I’ve come to expect this of those who have had prior government experience.

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