Congress and the President Rush Through Another Billion Dollar Spending Bill and Less Than 24 Hours To Read

The President and Congress have yet again broken one of their key promises by pushing through a massive $1.4 Trillion, 2,313 page spending bill with less than 24 hours for members to read and cast an educated vote.

From Rep. Justin Amash, “Pres. Trump said he’d never again sign a rushed omnibus, so Democrats teamed with Trump and Republicans to split the bill into two bills so the president could claim he kept his promise. Now, both parties will pass this swamp legislation, and the president will sign it into law.”

Congressman Chip Roy had this to say on Twitter, “Swamp update: received $1.4 Trillion 2313 pages of spending at 4:30pm yesterday. Yet was just noticed we will vote at 1:10-1:25 p.m today – less than 24 hours later. I will vote no on both bills.  @realDonaldTrump should veto & @HouseGOP & @SenateGOP should oppose.”

It is time for Republicans to wake up to the fact that President Trump is not their ally and is full of broken promises and corruption. The Congress of the United States has a duty to uphold the Constitution and be representatives of the people, but when they are rushed into voting on massive spending bills it shows the disregard that leaders in Washington have for the will of the people.

If you have time today you can read the massive legislation here.

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